April 2011

First album FIRE WALK WITH ME out 29.04.2011
The limited edition of 500 copies will hold remixes from
Iris, Assemblage 23, People Theatre and Parralox!

01. Rescue Me
02. Dreams In Black And White
03. Shadow Framed Memories
04. My Personal Kryptonite
05. Mourning Light
06. Soul For Sale
07. Who's To Blame?
08. Any Second Now
09. Almost Silence
10. Absurd Lovesong
11. Rescue Me (Iris Remix)
12. Dreams In Black And White (Assemblage 23 Remix)
13. Shadow Framed Memories (People Theatre Remix)
14. My Personal Kryptonite (Parralox Remix)

March, 2011

Available on itunes, Amazon etc.

01. Dreams In Black And White
02. Dreams In Black And White (Extended)
03. Rescue me (Iris Remix Edit)
04. Dreams In Black And White (Assemblage 23 Remix Edit)
05. Dreams In Black And White (Leaether Strip Remix)
06. Dreams In Black And White (Beborn Beton Vintage Mix)

Februar, 2011

Zynic on ELECTRO POP 2 by ZYX Music - out 11.3.2011
ELECTRO POP 2 will be released as a double CD with bands like OMD, De/Vision, Parralox, Northern Lite, Project Pitchfork, Covenant, VNV Nation, Rotersand, Mesh, Iris, Front Line Assembly etc. to make you electroheads happy!.

Januar, 2011

Zynic remix for Parralox
Happy new year everybody! There will be a ZyniC Remix on the new PARRALOX single I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC. It's an awesome tune and i loved twisting it the zynic way! Release Date 25.02.2010 so check your trusted dealers.

stay zynic!

Dezember, 2010

Zynic signs to Conzoom Records - First album in early 2011 !!
I'm happy to announce my signing to conzoom records and the release of my first album in early 2011. Thanks to everybody for your patience and your kind mails, hope you like the material as much as i do!

März 20, 2010

Leaether Strip vs. ZyniC
Now that the album is done and the artwork is growing, i thought of collecting some interessting remixes for the release and who would you ask as a demoded synthpop musician? Of course Claus Larsen, DKs Electronic Body Legend from Leaether Strip und Klute ;-) The result is amazing and i'm very proud to have one of my personal all time favorites adding to my project! Thanks Claus!!

Face the unexpected & stay zynic!

Februar 24, 2010

Almost done
Thank you guys outthere for your positive mails and comments, thats the fuel that keeps me going ;-) The album is almost done, some slight changes in the mix and the songs are ready to go. I'm working on the artwork at the moment, but as a onemanshow things are not going as fast as i wish, but i think it will be worth waiting for ;-).

Dezember 16, 2009

Get a zynic shirt + electropop 3 CD for only 25 Euros
For a limited time you can get the new ELECTROPOP 3 CD with an exclusive Remix of Soul 4 Sale plus a full coloured ZyniC Shirt for only 25 Euros. Its very limited stock so contact www.deadite.de merch or use Zynics myspace contact.

Dezember 14, 2009

Three new tracks online
After a few very productive weeks i'm back home with a bunch of new songs in my bag that i really like a lot. Olaf and me had great fun torturing analogues, fighting flu and watching the muppet show (you are all WEIRDOS ;-), and i'm really looking forward to finish the album in january. Three of the tracks are online and i hope you like em as much as i do.

cheers & beware of glühwein!

Dezember 13, 2009

Synthetics Magazin Compilation features RESCUE ME!
The Synthetics Magazin Sampler GET THE BOMBS OF MUSIC # 88 includes Zynic's RESCUE ME!....

Die 88. Compilation ist wieder mehr als elektronisch ausgefallen. Bands wie Zynic, Nostromo 7, The Mindmachine Project und Transmission Lost geben auf der beiligenden CD?absolutes Vollgas, um euch davon zu überzeugen, das Elektronische Musik niemals das Universum verlassen wird. Wir sind uns sicher, das auch diese Ausgabe voll und ganz zu überzeugen weiss, denn schliesslich suchen wir die Bands in unserer Redaktion mit großer Sorgfalt aus und präsentieren gerade deshalb immer die Ein oder Andere Überraschung, nach der man schon lange suchen müsste, um diese zwischem dem ganzen Schrott auch zu finden. ....


the mindmachine project ::: Something else....
Zynic ::: Rescue Me....
In Vein ::: One Day....
Electrovot ::: Fate....
Transmission Lost ::: Try....
Nostromo7 ::: Alone....
Darkoustix ::: Open the door....
Wunderbugg ::: Skin....
Shiraya´s Dream ::: Travel in Time....
Assassins breath ::: handle the truth

November 23, 2009

Back in the studio
After writing new material during the last few months i'm currently back in the studio with Producer Olaf Wollschläger to record and mix the new tracks. All writing for the album is done and i pretty much like what i hear, so i hope you will too ;-)

Keep away from swine flu and stay zynic!

November 12, 2009

Listen to Zynic on www.laut.fm/soundsystem
You can listen to zynic music on www.laut.fm/soundsystem.
Synthpopradio plays all your favorite tracks from Kraftwerk, DM, Mesh, Iris etc.
Check out the Synthie & Electropop 5.0 show for Zynic tunes!

Tune in & stay zynic!

Juli 29, 2009

ELECTROPOP 3 Tracklist and preorder infos
Heres the complete tracklist of ELECTROPOP 3. Official release date is october 2009, 30th.
Everyone who pre-orders electropop.3 now will get his/her name inserted in the cd-booklet!

01. beats per minute "you stand to gain (extended mix)" 5:47 minutes
02. channel east "document nine (extended version)" 7:09 minutes
03. dkdent "ready to explode (extended mix)" 5:21 minutes
04. endless shame "pure (extended dance version)" 5:27 minutes
05. in vein "invitation (extended retro version)" 6:11 minutes
06. junk circuit "devil wears a crown (extended version)" 6:32 minutes
07. machine made pleasure "in a dark world (extended mix)" 5:25 minutes
08. martin philip "spoiled utopia (prolonged)" 6:17 minutes
09. pleasant fiction "speak (pt's extended mix)"
10. supervillain "smart bombs city lights (extended version)" 5:58 minutes
11. the ejector seats "desire (extended remix)" 5:17 minutes
12. vision talk "paradise for free (extended remix)" 6:30 minutes
13. zynic "soul for sale (extended version)" 5:26 minutes

Juli 3, 2009

Exclusive version on ELECTROPOP 3 compilation
The great ELECTROPOP Compilation series by CONZOOM RECORDS goes into third round and ZYNIC will join with an exclusive extended version of SOUL 4 SALE! For further information visit the official site www.electropop.eu or

April 6, 2009

ZyniC on SAF3-Sampler
ZyniC on SAF3-Sampler! To get a copy & ticket check
www.synthetic-air-furt.de for further information.


1. le clap - Manipulation erwünscht
2. EMMON - wake up time
3. Universal Poplab - fame & hate (single version)
4. !distain - the city 2009
5. Channel East - feel heaven, feel free
6. ReActivate - believe me
7. deZeption - poison fruits (SAF3 version)
8. Ultima Bleep - x the i's and dot the t's (Funker Vogt Mix)
9. Roboti - apartment on the moon
10. Caisaron - Knebel (radio version)
11. !distain - remote control (ignorance mix by DJ Xaler)
12. Final Selection - mystify (the grand mix)
13. ZyniC - rescue me

März 24, 2009

ZyniC enters depeche mode party
ZyniCs track RESCUE ME enters DJ RICs playlist, so if you want to hear it in the club among other electronic classix, heres the dates:

* 27.03.09 - ELEKTRIC BALLROOM [Loop (N)]
* 12.04.09 - DEPECHE MODE-PARTY [Nachtpalais (N)]
* 30.04.09 - MUSIC FOR DEVOTED PEOPLE [Löwensaal (N)]
* 08.05.09 - MORE THAN A PARTY [E-Werk (ER)]*
* 16.05.09 - [re_boot] [Desi (N)]